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Meet the Hearts Behind Hamza Foundation

At our charity foundation, our mission is simple. To make the world a better place. Since our start in July 2016, we’ve been dedicated to extending a helping hand. We also focus on critical areas such as clean water, food, clothing, and building places of worship. 

Our specialty? Distributing clothing and assisting those who need it the most. Thanks to compassionate individuals like you. Hence, Hamza Foundation had made a significant impact on countless lives and communities worldwide. 

Our Core Values


Compassion is the driving force behind everything we do at Our Charitable Foundation. Thus, it motivates us to provide aid and distribute clothing to improve social welfare.


We believe in being open and honest. We also make sure that every donation goes towards the important causes of social welfare. Moreover, donate clothes in the most effective way.


Helping communities become self-reliant is at the core of our work. Therefore, our aid is aimed at empowering people to take charge of their own lives.


We also value and celebrate our differences. So, this diversity strengthens our ability to assist various communities. Especially in the areas of social welfare and clothing distribution.

Hamza Foundation, Best Charity Foundation, Social welfare, Aid, Charity
Hamza Foundation, Best Charity Foundation, Social welfare, Aid, Charity

Mission Of Our Charity Foundation

As a charity foundation, our main goal is to make a big positive impact in communities that need help. We do this by giving important assistance, supporting education. Moreover, by giving out clothes, helping with social welfare, and providing healthcare. Our team always focus on helping people become self-sufficient and strong. The ultimate aim is to create a society where everyone can succeed, no matter where they come from or what challenges they face. We work very hard to bring about lasting and positive change for those who need it. Moreover, we do it by working together with communities and finding solutions that work for them.

Water Delivery

Within our charitable foundation, we acknowledge the profound significance of clean water. Our unwavering commitment to social welfare encompasses the provision of safe drinking water to underserved communities. Your generous support enables us to continue this crucial mission, in conjunction with our initiatives in clothing distribution and aid.
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Food Delivery

As an integral part of our comprehensive approach to social welfare, we actively engage in food delivery programs. Our aim is to alleviate hunger by distributing essential provisions to individuals facing food insecurity. Your contributions to our charitable foundation empower us to extend a helping hand in times of need, complementing our efforts in clothing distribution and aid.
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Clothing Delivery

Our dedication to social welfare extends to the distribution of clothing. We recognize the fundamental importance of proper attire for individuals and families. By providing clothing to those in need, we enhance their well-being and dignity. Your generous support fuels this mission, working hand in hand with our broader aid efforts.
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Mosques Rebuilding

As part of our commitment to social welfare, our charitable foundation places a significant emphasis on the restoration of mosques. These sacred spaces hold a vital role in the spiritual and communal lives of communities. Your contributions, in addition to aiding in clothing distribution and general assistance, help restore and maintain these essential centers of worship.
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Orphans Marriage Cermony

One of the heartwarming dimensions of our charitable foundation's work is the facilitation of orphan marriage ceremonies. We believe in the importance of cultivating a sense of family and community. Your support transcends clothing distribution and general aid, playing a pivotal role in creating joyous and meaningful moments in the lives of orphans and ensuring they have a promising future.
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Medication Delivery

Healthcare forms an integral part of our social welfare initiatives. In addition to clothing distribution and aid, our foundation actively delivers essential medications to those in need. Your contributions significantly contribute to enhancing the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities.
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Holy Book-Quran Printing

Our commitment to social welfare also extends to the spiritual realm, as we are dedicated to producing the Holy Book, the Quran, ensuring its accessibility to seekers of guidance. Your support empowers us to provide not only clothing distribution and aid but also spiritual resources to those in search of solace and inspiration.
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Eid ul Adha

Eid-ul-Adha represents a special occasion of giving and sacrifice. Our charitable foundation ensures that families in need can take part in the celebrations. Through your contributions, we extend clothing distribution and aid during this festive period, spreading joy and compassion to those most in need.
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Our Plan

All contributions directly aid in addressing Four primary concerns. They are Development of Mosques or Houses for local areas, food, education, and healthcare also. So, our project has been committed to supporting disadvantaged youth in Pakistan. For over eight years and we have achieved remarkable success. 


Join us in spreading waves of change. Every contribution, regardless of its size, ignites profound transformations. 

Give Scholarships

Together, we transform giving through scholarships aid for social welfare at our Charitable Foundation.

Be a Part of Our Family

We warmly welcome for donations of any size. A donation of just 1% of your monthly income can create a substantial effect. Yes, it’s true. It can change the children’s lives. Thus, promoting social welfare and embodying the essence of charity. Join Our team and work for those who are in need.


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